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July 28, 2011


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Tom Bentley

Ahh, I see Rickā€”the sealant is the same material you get in those Fix-A-Leak aerosol cans for sealing tire blowouts. I have a can around; I'll use it next time I feel my dental coverage has been compromised.

Hey, how often do you go to the batting cages? Can you hit a curve ball?

Rick Wilson DMD

Shhh! We don't want that Sibilant Sealant Secret to get out! Before you know it, us dentists will be submitting our sealant claims to auto insurance, rather than dental!
And, about the batting cages- though I very much enjoy baseball and my daughter's softball games as a spectator, I was way too traumatized over my poor performance in the schoolyard to ever make a serious attempt at the game as an adult. I could hit the dang ball now and again, but my fielding was abysmal.
Once, in sixth grade, whilst choosing up teams, my classmates (in)famously picked a guy who still had his broken leg in a cast before me, just to make a point.

Jenna Schrock

It's very neat, you can actually prevent the cavities from getting to your teeth in the first place. But isn't this just a temporary fix? And how's the maintenance?

Rick Wilson DMD

Well, Jenna, it is VERY long-term temporary, in that sealants act like bonded fillings, and last for a good number of years. Plus, many studies indicate that even once the visible sealant material is worn away by chewing, there is a strong protective effect in the deep grooves provided by the bond remaining there for an even longer time.

Sealants could be replaced at intervals in adults, but we rarely do. Epidemiology is the reason. If an adult has a filling in a back tooth, then the original decay has already happened and the filling takes the place of a sealant. If the natural tooth grooves are still intact, never having had a cavity, then the chances are pretty low that it will get one, sealed or not.

Unless an adult starts to ingest frequent high amounts of sugar-containing foods and drinks. See our magnificent Caries Clock for more in the way of an explanation!


Orthodontist Allentown pa

Thank you for sharing this post about the dentistry, this is a big help for me and to the others as well on how the proper teeth care should be. Thanks again!

Fred Collinsworth

Cracked and/or chipped teeth can ruin a beautiful smile. Tooth sealants can cover up the cracks and make your teeth look as good as new. However, it's still better to prevent tooth damage by flossing and brushing.


I should be more careful on the food intake and watch the sugar levels for my teeth.

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Informative post and I'll add this as reference for my studies in dentistry

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