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August 08, 2011


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Just having a chat on Facebook with someone who is completely obsessed with the idea that it's all about the journey; never insist on a particular destination. Others seem to obsess about reaching a goal, regardless of the path you take.

One thing that keeps coming up is that both journey and destination must be worthy. Are they ethical, moral? Have we asked ourselves not just "can we?" but "should we?"

If I give a friend bad advice about a restaurant, I expect a little flak. If a medical professional gives advice, they have to accept exponentially greater responsibility, since they'll be seen as an authority to be obeyed, not an adviser to be considered, weighed, and decided upon.

Rick Wilson DMD

Thanks, Joel, for your thoughts on the very high ethical demands which medical professionals must uphold. I also like how you contrast the journey-people and the destination-people. Good heavens, that vibe could be expanded into a book...

rocklin dentists

I believe if you want to go under this kind of operation it is better find a cosmetic dentist. They are well trained to perform that kind of procedure and they really know how to make that in the right way.

Bianca Jackson

That is such a good distinction! I think cosmetic dentists practiced using dentistry for cosmetic purposes before they've been aggressive. The practices they did before led them to do more advanced procedures today. There's excellency in both aspects. It all depends on the patient's preference, anyway.

Seattle Dentist

Glad you share this. Congrats you've made it. It's nice and unique. Please do improve your lay out here. Thanks for sharing!

bartlett dentist

I totally go along you! I have often felt that way but nobody really would like to take it as seriously as we do apparently. Excellent blog anyway, I am going to have to stop by more frequently.

Jen dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is very important it really does help people more than just with their oral health. They will feel more self confidence, and be able to enjoy life more fully than they did before.

Williams Schermer

People would probably have a hard time choosing between cosmetic dentists and dentists who practice cosmetically if they are to choose one to treat their teeth. I would choose a cosmetic dentist if I want a permanent dental makeover.

Rick Wilson DMD

WS, there is this though:
Some of those who aggressively present themselves as "cosmetic dentists" aren't thinking about the long term and about prevention. They mainly want to slap some veneers on everything in sight and everything else is secondary. So be careful. Long-term preservation of oral health (and esthetics) is the hallmark of an excellent dental practice. Look for signs of that at each appointment.

Fort Collins Dentist

OMG! Thanks for clearing the difference between the two.

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