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December 14, 2011


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I like the balance of "let's not do anything 'til we know what we're doing, but let's definitely find out more." I've suffered from both extremes; dentists who really wanted to get out the chainsaw, and others who couldn't find anything wrong, right up to the day 1/4 of a molar simply slid out of my gums, leaving a jagged edge for my tongue to bleed on.

I'm sorry, we were talking about raisin beer, weren't we?

Tom Bentley

Ohh, interproximal—word porn! Makes one's teeth chatter.

Fred Collinsworth

Oh, so there are some cavities that can fool the naked eyes and even ordinary x-rays. I will be more careful in drinking sweet juices so I can stay away from those.

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Fort Collins Colorado Dentist

Thanks for sharing all these educational photos.

Sydney City Dentist

I'm with you on this one Tom. I think my head hurt just reading the word, interproximal. That aside, thanks for the heads up. I'll also be sure to watch what I drink from now on.

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