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December 20, 2011


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Powerful lesson here: when we give a name to something we like, we value it even more because it's easy to recognise and remember.

The opposite would be a bad idea, methinks: putting a name like that to those who are, shall we say, a mite needier? Before long, they're "just another yaxblad" or whatever. Not good.

Tom Bentley

Rick, for some reason the Noxnoys, a eminently positive affiliation, reminded me of the moniker for the drink (a potable I think I've already mentioned on Tribes) served at my old girlfriend's restaurant to any obnoxious customer who dared to counter the good graces of the waitresses.

Named after a regular customer, a fully noisome fellow named Nigel that they wanted to send to Hades, they used to mix all his cocktails with a few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed in. The unthinking drinker served such would soon feel an overwhelming urge to visit the so-called "necessary room" more often than it takes to start bothering the waitresses again. After Nigel received a few Nigels over time, he made at the least an unconscious association with the bar and intestinal distress, and began to appear less and less. Success!

What this has to do with Noxnoys is deeply tangential, but such are the workings of the mind. Thanks for a fun post, T.

Rick Wilson DMD

Joel, thanks for pointing out the value of naming things. Words truly do matter. They shape our reason.

Tom- thanks for the story! I recall being in college and railing against classical and operant conditioning, rather insisting that we humans are ever so much more complicated than a toaster or a sewing machine or even an automobile. Yet there are times when the ole stimulus-response schtick rocks out, and your Nigel example is certainly one of them.

And by the way, when all our various dusts have settled, what say we three chaps (and perhaps Phil and Marcos, just for the spice they'd bring) write a book entitled "The Noxnoys"? It would have to be about loyalty in both directions between people, sustainable business practices, and 1960's gin-and-whiskey-soaked American suburbia, but other than that, it's a wide open tabula rasa with an indefinite raison d'etre.

Oh. And bacon.

Ed Hochhalter

It's a spiffy name. Indeed, a name like that is... it's uplifting. It's a real joy to see people go to the dentist because they want to take care of their teeth and their health.

Sydney City Dentists

The name is actually a little catchy. Maybe it would help if clinics displayed a list of Noxnoys in plain sight to encourage more people to take proper care of their teeth.

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