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January 22, 2012


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Root canal therapy is a highly predictable, highly successful procedure when the tooth is treated and restored properly. but care and maintenance of our teeth is very essential. great entry. great advice. keep writing.

London Hypnotherapy

Intreseting read. Thank you

Vlad Tismensky, DDS

Nice work Dr. Shah! Hoping to see the periapical area resolving with time.

Williams Schermer

Root canal is one of the most important breakthroughs in dentistry, as it relives damaged teeth. This is a great read here. This post definitely raises awareness and busted the myths related to root canal.


Nice post regarding the problem faced by most of us related to root canals, and this post is very helpful. This is a great innovation. I think more people will opt for root canal procedure because having root canals discolors the teeth.


To determine whether your tooth needs root canal treatment, your dentist will often place hot or cold substances against the tooth. The purpose is to see if it is more or less sensitive than a normal tooth. He or she will examine the tissues around the tooth and gently tap on the tooth to test for symptoms.

root canal treatment

Yes your are right Rick that there is a little bit of fear in every ones mind for the dentist. But now a days due to the advanced technology no one should be fear to come to the dentist yo solve there dental problems.

Root canal treatment

The reality about root canal treatment is that the great majority of root canal treatments (RCT) are as painless as a normal filling, and they are often a patient’s last chance at saving their natural teeth.

Crest White Strips

The para dealing with Infection and Inflammation is really very helpful.
Thanks for the lovely post... Worth reading :)

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