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July 20, 2012


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Dentists fan

I do think it's impressive that you tried to use as much of the patient's own enamel instead of just crowning the whole thing. I wonder just how many dentists actually do that? What kind of adhesive are you using to put the porcelain on? It was really interesting looking into the detail of what goes into this procedure.

Rae Screen

You're right. Using dental adhesion can restore the natural pearly white look of the treated tooth. What's more, this procedure is less expensive than putting dental crowns, though it has limitations on strength and longevity compared with veneers and crowns. I hope that future adhesion procedures will be stronger and more permanent.

Rick Wilson DMD

Dentists fan, I meant to get back to you on this. I bonded these sectional veneers with Accolade PV from Danville Engineering:


Ray Bertollotti DDS PhD was one of the developers of this material. It's brilliant. The try-in pastes are the same as the real thing, but they lack an initiator. So they won't cure, even if intense light hits them. You can muck about (my usual method) with the veneers for half an hour and more, checking fit and shade and even letting the patient smile, since they're a bit sticky even though unbonded.

Then, when you're ready to bond 'em in, all you need is approximately 50% of the paste to be the real stuff with the initiator, since it will all polymerize with the light at that level.

Dentistry is a supremely exacting art and science. This is one of the few times that a superb product lets us be a little lax, in that we don't have to worry about getting ALL of the try-in paste out!

Kelly Jones

I am looking to have a similar procedure done. Since I just moved to Wisconsin I am looking for a dentist in Green Bay who I could go to not only for this procedure but for regular checkups as well. It is nice to know that this procedure is cheaper than a dental crown, which my former dentist recommended. I guess I will have to look at all my options before I make a decision.

Rick Wilson DMD

So glad I was able to make you aware of this then, Kelly Jones! Not only is the monetary cost a bit lower, but the cost in terms of your precious enamel is lower, too. Over our lifespans, that's so very important.

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