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February 26, 2016


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E.S Akshay

Very nic & good post i have ever read actually i have read many blogs but yours blog is the best one which gives such a valuble info...........thanks for sharing this type of good blogs with us.............


The image "Sucrose" above in the article is from our article http://www.nutrientsreview.com/carbs/disaccharides-sucrose.html . I would be happy to have a live link from your article to our article.

Jan Modric

Richard Wilson DMD

Done, Jan Modric, sorry for the omission, and thank you for your permission to use the image!
Your site is superb, lots of clear, succinct information on common sugars, polysaccharides and dietary fiber, and I am happy to assist in making others aware of it via a shared link.

E.S Akshay

Congrtss sir!! keep going & sharing such a good info

E.S Akshay

Thanks for sharing with us.................

E.S Akshay

Thanks for sharing............

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