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November 04, 2009


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Tom Bentley

Rick, I think you have more than the amateur historian in you—excellent and engaging work on the history behind amalgams and their cousins, and a lovely treatment of the absurd at the end. Good worKk

Tom Bentley

And when I say, "Good worKk" I really mean it.


You probably think fluoride is okay too

Rick Wilson DMD

Of course I 'think fluoride is ok too.' Fluoride occurs all over the planet in natural water supplies, in variable concentrations of between 0 (meaning trace amounts) and 7 parts per million. It was discovered in the 1940's that in concentrations of near 7ppm the decay rates of human teeth were minimal but the teeth were darker than average. 1ppm seems to be optimal.

But to say that fluoride is not ok is akin to saying that sodium chloride (common salt) is not ok, or calcium is not ok, or indeed oxygen is not ok. It's a mineral, naturally occurring, and not distributed evenly.

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