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December 06, 2009


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Mary Louise Penaz

Excellent points, Dr. Wilson. Freedom of food choice comes with short and longterm results. Children are blameless to the neglect or ignorance of their guardians, and that includes parents and the entire community since they are future citizens. As Michael Pollan points out in his book, The Omnivore's Dilema: A Natural History of Four meals, our nation's diet only recently included so many percentages of liquids, including sports drinks and even juices juice boxes!). Read the label! And if you cannot pronounce the ingredients? Well...

And is it just me or is there a sad element of conspicuous consumption going on here with this kind of activity? It reminds me of the rappers who pour expensive champage on the floor of a dance club to show they have money.

I am perusing one of my high school yearbooks. Aha! Here's the photo I was looking for. Someone is pouring an entire water jug over the quarterback of the winning football team. Okay, it is a universal right of jock passage. But at some point, water wasn't quite enough. Hmmmmm. Connection?

Tom Bentley

Rick, you're right about the Mission G site being scary: there's a Star Trek Borgian aspect to it. But I do think the ingredients to Gatorade are scarier yet, with all those sugars, and pointedly because of that slouching beast, high fructose corn syrup, being one of the principal actors on the stage. The use of corn syrup and its derivatives is a baleful thing on the world stage, for overblown agribusiness farming practices to its woeful health consequences, and that it seems to be in one out of every product on a grocery's shelves. (I must confess, I do enjoy my sugar, but I like to get it from dark chocolate.)

Of course, I wouldn't want to drink anything called Lactated Ringer, unless there was a healthy snort of gin in it as well. Gatorade remains a fine product for pouring on coaches, but drinking it is a different matter. Thanks for another interesting article!

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