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April 23, 2010


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Angela Lussier

I just attended my first spoken word poetry show and as I was reading your blog, it made me think that this would be a great performance piece. You captured the essence of pain so well, MY kidneys were responding! I hope that you are recovering and taking it easy, this sounds like a life-changing event. When you're back at it, look for a stage for this piece - you've got something here!

Tom Bentley

Rick, all I can say is ARGGGHH, OOOHHHH, EEEEEYOWWWWWW! The photo of your molten kidney is very telling. Man, that sounds like a hallucinatory experience—I have much more respect for kidney demons now. Intense pain can be one of those clarifying feelings—afterwards. During, good grief!

I'm hoping you're feeling MUCH better.

(By the way, Dilaudid is very good for a mild headache too.)

Craig Akabak

I'm relieved that you survived and glad you were so eloquently able to describe your experience.

Rick Wilson DMD

Thanks, all. I'm pleased that three such talented people like my writing!

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