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May 28, 2010


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Thanks Rick, and the first drink at The Frog and Radiator is on me!

That was a very entertaining post!

I now understand more about why I've had trouble with two bottom molars in the last year, and I now understand a lot more about teeth.

And let me buy you another at The Crooked Billet, which is our new hangout, just off Wimbledon Common. I'll send you a picture.

Tom Bentley

Rick, thanks for your passionately dispassionate exegesis on crowns, and their royal ways. Unfortunately, I have a legacy (in my case, maybe 40 years) filling in a lower molar that's leaking or some such, noted because it's sending a regular signal of displeasure around my mouth.

So I'm having it replaced next week. I'm fearing though that when my dentist drills it out (it's a big one), that he's going to conclude that the tooth needs a crown. Probably to match all the other heads of state that crowd my mouth.

And if I have to get another root canal, I'll be drinking what's IN the radiator, frogs and all.

Jenna Schrock

So that's why they had me a dental implant when they did a root canal in my molars. Crown's steely look doesn't bother me that much so I'm okay - besides, the bad tooth is way beyond the back of my teeth LOL! Good thing my dentist in Los Angeles is good.


I like this post ... It's better than most because you use humor and great analogies to explain what is going on.

Not sure I'd go to your pub though ;) j/k

Rick Wilson DMD

Thanks, Jeff, for your kind words.
Oh, and not to worry- there won't be ANY stray dental instruments in The Smiling Monkey!

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