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May 21, 2010


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Joel D Canfield

The differences between that which is manmade and that which is of divine origin will always amaze me.

Anne McCrossan

Terrific post Rick. I second Joel's observation. The amazing way we tend to take some of the prime components of the human body for granted, compared to our respect for the man made, teeth being the case in point. This is a supreme folly, thank you for reminding us.

By the way the Comet really was a beautiful aircraft, especially the silver version. A design icon. What would be your favourite tooth, stylistically speaking? I'm intrigued :)

Rick Wilson DMD

Thanks Joel!

Yes Anne, a design icon indeed. Funny you ask about the tooth- I've always been partial to canines, both maxillary and mandibular, ever since school.

It's their shape- complex curves, serving as transition from front, cutting teeth and back grinders. Their role as keystone of the dental arch.

But they also stand unique as the only tooth which appears as a "1" in the dental formulae of all mammals, at least that I know of.

F'rinstance- humans have the formula 2-1-2-3, if you count wisdon teeth. Two incisors, one canine, two premolars, three molars.

Dogs- 3-1-4-2 on the upper, 3-1-4-3 on the lower.

Cats- 3-1-3-1 on the upper, 3-1-2-1 on th elower.

Horses- 3-1-3-3

Variations aplenty, but always one canine. Cool, huh?

Tom Bentley

Rick, being one of those people who clench, and actually vigorously snap my jaws enough to wake me up (I probably shouldn't read the daily news), I have to wear a guard. I'm wondering if I put some round windows in my cheeks if it wouldn't relieve some pressure.

It is interesting when something succumbs to an unknown or invisible stress. I had a lens of my glasses essentially shatter while I was walking on a Hollywood street one evening. I didn't see any BB-gun toting assassins around; maybe it was just the loose morals of the Hollywood scene that stressed my specs?

Jesse Hake

Wow, this post is really detailed. Most people didn't know that stress could be a serious threat to a person's teeth. People should really watch what they eat and make sure that they properly take care of their dental health.

Bromall Cosmetic Dentist

It's interesting to know dental information from you. I have been your avid reader and I love to know more about this topic.

Elizabeth Cull

Great analogy, Rick! I love your comparison of the Comet and the teeth. I agree that the Comet and its descendants are some of the most beautiful airplanes ever designed. It's really brilliant to compare the stresses suffered by the Comet and the teeth. That is why proper maintenance is very important, for teeth and for planes.

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