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August 18, 2010


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Joel D Canfield

Rick, I love how you take a thin slice of your expertise and make it relevant to anyone with a brain. Nicely done.

I suspect that besides the clear aspects of fear holding us back from making changes there's also the fact that we often use 'decisions made' as a shortcut. We don't have the time to re-decide everything we do, so some stuff just gets decided and left. I wear a seatbelt, even if I'm just moving the car in the carport. It's a decision I chose not to revisit; the downside is so small and the upside so large that it ain't worth rethinking.

Sometimes when the situation or the environment changes we forget to briefly re-evaluate our 'decisions made' category.

But I'm guessing arrogance and fear play a role, too.

Dorothy Shapland

In the field of education it often seems that the PROVEN innovations in the classroom never make it to policy because of the resistance of those above!
I wonder - were there cooks on ships smuggling citrus on board for personal use because they'd seen results, and it just took years and years for the practice to make it as rule of law?
I have certainly felt as if I'm smuggling good practice into my classroom and waiting for the ideas to catch on, spread and become mandated! It's the biggest reason I teach teachers on the side - they need to start sneaking in the good fruits now, and let the rules catch up later!

Tom Bentley

Rick, it would probably take only a little chill on my flintknappers to suggest a course change, but I'm fickle that way. I've been lucky in some innovation quarters, like in 1997 requesting that I be able to telecommute full time from my software manual-writing job because I wanted to move 75 miles south to live with my girlfriend. No one had ever telecommuted for that company before (and remember, modems were 9600 baud!), but my boss respected my work, and I continued to produce manuals for them from home for the next 3 years.

Then again, I still like the sound of an old 60s V-8 engine over that of a green-is-good Prius...

Seattle Bathroom Remodel

Wow, that was a great read! Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job with this, i’ve bookmarked your site so I can stay up to date with your stuff.

Affordable Medical Insurance

I love how you take a thin slice of your expertise and make it relevant to anyone with a brain. Nicely done. That was a great read!

Richard Wilson DMD

Thank you both, SBR and AMI. I hope to write more that has meaning for you. Stay tuned! Plus I am enlisting patients and others who make a difference in the world around them to write guest posts on fascinating topics. I hope to have specifics from some of them soon.

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Rick, I really like how you take a slim piece of your skills and create it appropriate to anyone with a mind. Perfectly done.
I suppose that besides the obvious factors of worry positioning us returning from creating changes there's also the point that we often use 'decisions made' as a quick way. We don't have plenty of a chance to re-decide everything we do, so some products just gets determined and eventually left. I use a car seatbelt, even if I'm just going the car in the car port. It's a choice I determined not to revisit; the disadvantage is so little and the benefit so huge that it ain't value rethinking.

E.S Akshay

Thanks for sharing with us...................

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