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August 29, 2010


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Dorothy Shapland

Thanks Rick! When will you be entering the Iditarod by the way?!

Living at high altitude in a semi-arid climate, we are always very careful about staying hydrated - even when NOT exercising. And yet, you will have a hard time finding a decent coach, trainer, medic, or professional athlete (other than those sponsored by this company) that will advise colorful sugared drinks over good old water... even in the Rocky Mountains.

I don't think it's entirely because they are worried about caries though!

Tom Bentley

Besides, there's something about gulping bright green (or other suspiciously-lit-from-within liquids that's unsettling, like swallowing a Las Vegas casino when the slot machines are paying out.

Mary Louise Penaz

Hey Rick! Great article. Thanks for the helpful reminder.

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