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November 21, 2010


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Dorothy Shapland

Oh so colorful and clever!
I will make a note for the NEXT time I have a tooth removed, a root canal, or an old filling removed.
But this really is a great title for a novel..

Tom Bentley

Full disclosure: Rick's got me up there on the frontlines bearing the bayonet, but my contribution here was really a small screwdriver. Let's just say Rick baked the cake from scratch and I put a few of those little frosting curlicues on top. But thanks for the nice billing, Dr. Wilson.

Rick Wilson DMD

Tom! Bayonets and screwdrivers... You've taught me to use words like these that The Crowd doesn't think of, and I thank you for that and for your contributions here.

Dorothy, in the fullness of time, after the Gackistry, perhaps I'll be able to write such a novel.

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