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November 20, 2010


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Dorothy Shapland

"and all because the pasta wasn't respected."

Tom Bentley

MegaPascals, smear layers, resin infiltration—say, isn't this the language that those derivatives traders used in their labyrinthine passages into the subprime depths? This isn't a hidden message to Bear Sterns is it? But you did mention pizza, which exonerates you from blame.

Thanks for another toothsome post, Dentin Bond.

dental bonding  bellevue WA

It's a very interesting article to read. I really enjoy reading your post all about dental bonding. The pictures also help me understand well the article. Thanks for all your ideas and great thanks for sharing it.

Rick Wilson DMD

W.W., yes veneers, being made of very nonporous porcelain, will protect the dentin inside of teeth from acidity, which comes from the simple sugars we ingest. The bacteria in our mouths metabolize sugars and kick out a lot of acid. There are also many chemicals that directly affect teeth, such as the phosphoric acid in soda. Still, one's own enamel is probably the very best protection.
As long as it's intact, that is.


Thanks for posting this. It was a well thought out article and interesting to read.

Teeth Whitening In Atlanta

Didn't realize that veneers had the ability to protect tooth dentin.

Anna Hasker

I have some dental issues that maybe you can address? I am a 40 yr old woman and in relitively good health. But my teeth seem to be falling apart. I had some xrays done of the front of my teeth because of a particular cavity that is at the gum line. To begin with it was quite small but the dentist showed me the x-rays and I could see what he said was decay all the way to the pulp chamber and that I would need a root canal. But in the pic it looks like someone shoved the head of a pin in the tiny cavity and burrowed to the pulp no wider than a stick pin itself. He asked me if I was hurting from it and the answer was no. No pain whatsoever. He said that eventually I would have pain but somethiing else happened instead and now it has happened to another tooth on the bottom. What actually happened was that the whole shell of the enamel came free of the tooth exposing the dentin completely, front and back. Again, neither of these teeth cause me any pain but I realize that the dentin material is pliable and soft so I am careful not to be to rough with them. Whats hapening to me and can I have them capped in order to save them w/o the pain and expense of a root canal?

Rick Wilson DMD

Anna, while I can only answer in generalities without examining you in person and seeing Xrays, you can email me at [email protected] (in my contact info too).

The pin-like structure may have been a restorative pin, used to hold large restorations in at times. More here:


You mostly have top guard against more decay and let your dentist handle the restorations; it sounds like you and he are communicating well and that everything makes sense. To help prevent cavities have a look at our Caries Clock:



Excellent post!
Only one thing I do not agree with you: last paragraph....as you mention before in the text..GREAT Dr. David Pashley won´t agree with you. If you appreciate Dentin you need: Acid + MMP inhibition + Primer + Bonding....every step is needed.

Personal opinion: it is not an excuse...doing it worst because it is difficult...

Apart from this, your post is an excellent revision of adhesive dentistry. Nice and usefull picts.

Pashley D, Tay F, et al. State of the art of etch-and-rinse adhesives. Dental Materials 2011; 27: 1-16.

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