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December 11, 2010


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Tom Bentley

And what about those mysterious dental troubles, my good doctor? Like the lower rear molar of mine that has an intermittent dull ache over the past few months, but my doc can't see anything wrong. He refilled it recently, thinking there was an indiscernible leak, but after the filling, again with the intermittent alarm. I think it's my brain screaming, from the economy, but there's a pain redirect.

"Comes a mystery, you'll stare at it all day,
Comes a mystery, it interrupts your play,
Comes a mystery, but hoping the tooth will stay..."

Richard Wilson DMD

Ah, Tom, mysteries... Better in the realm of literature than dentin and dentures, but they do crop up like this. There are often partial fractures in teeth that create these intermittent and vague symptoms. Whether to get aggressive or not is all a symptom-based decision. And yes I'm "hoping your tooth will stay" as well!

Scottsdale Dentist

Oral cancer is something to be anticipated with. This is very threatening.

Shelly Beckham

Dental problems and issues should not be ignored these days. I think that your blog posts are instructive and useful, especially for the people who are anxious about their teeth. The photos are also of great help for the readers' additional knowledge about these certain diseases.

Dental Seattle

We must see our dentist every month for check up.

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