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January 19, 2011


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Tom Bentley

Ah Rick, specializing in pulp fact rather than pulp fiction these days? Sorry, couldn't resist...

Thanks for continuing to educate (and amuse) me on why my teeth hurt.

Rick Wilson DMD

Ah, Tom, didn't even see that one coming... Your wit remains rapier-sharp. I have more of a dull garden trowel by comparison.

This chronic issue of your not-in-the-comfortable-section-of-the-Venn-diagram teeth is worrisome. Perhaps if we do visit your area, I'll commandeer someone's dental office and reparitivize your dentin, and throw in the enamel just for kicks.

Dentist Seattle

Amazing presentation. Yeah i know what you mean. Thanks.

Rick Wilson DMD

Thanks for the kind words, Dentist Seattle. Checked your website and love the vibe; I'll be contacting you about referring a patient to you...

Kristen Marlin

Interesting. So it is true that fillings can contribute to the degradation of teeth? Am I understanding this correctly?

Rick Wilson DMD

Cavities or fractures, the tooth preparation (ok, drilling!) that is needed to repair them, and the filling itself are all factors that stimulate the dentin cells to lay down more reparative dentin. I'm not sure that I'd call this degradation exactly, as it is a protective mechanism, but yes very calcified pulps are less resistant to further trauma than are young healthy ones.

Cosmetic Dentist Philadelphia

I have been reading your blogs about dental health. It is so amazing how you continuously share your ideas with it.

Dental Seattle

I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. Great Post..

Dental Implant Beverly Hills

Age affects our whole body and dental health is also cannot escape from age effects, so the need of care and cleaning use to increase with the age.

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