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June 26, 2012


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Ted Grimmer

Toothache is really one of the most unbearable pains. Many thanks for taking the time to explain the difference between the two situations. It wouldn’t be reliable to just base the analysis of a problem in visual results. A patient should disclose everything he’s feeling or noticing about his situation. An effective doctor-patient communication would be a lot of help.

Nelson Ishida

It's true that many people ignore tooth infections that are painless, just because it doesn’t bother them. They wait for it to become painful before they rush to the nearest dental office. That is why dentists should explain the medical condition of their patients in every appointment, as well as the possible problems they might encounter. If treated early on, these infections will no longer pose a threat. That is why it is best to tend to them as soon as possible.

Clayton Haider

I agree with Nelson. A lot of people neglect to treat the pain whenever they experience toothaches. Do not underestimate a simple toothache, as it is the first sign of early mouth deterioration and further oral problems. A simple toothache might be caused by an impacted tooth or tooth decay. If left untreated, these two can cause further problems and pain later on.

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It's true that many people neglect teeth attacks that are pain-free, just because it does not hassle them. They wait for it to become agonizing before they hurry to the closest office.

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