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September 08, 2012


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Jaana Ruutu

Wisdom tooth is really hurt specially when its blooming inside our mouth,well thank for the info about it,i remember some dental issue in Helsinki Finland and i am glad that in using tooth paste its removed.

Tom Bentley

Rick, thanks for letting me tell the tale of my wise-guy teeth. I do promise never to bring a handgun to a dental office.

Mary Louise Penaz

Tom, last time my husband and I had an appointment with Dr. Rick and his wonderful staff of anxiety soothers, I felt so safe and relaxed I dozed off. His assistant shook my arm a bit to wake me from my slumber before he could continue drilling. Dr. Rick said, "We lost you there for a minute." Actually, I was dreaming about a place where Red Candy and caramel apples are penalty-free. :-)

Emergency Dental

As we know there are four wisdom tooth an adult have. And they may affect other teeth as they develop becoming impacted. I can feel your pain extracting three wisdom teeth at a time was really too much painful. You are really so brave person.


I had one tooth removed with a hammer and chisel. No, really. Guy wouldn't give me nitrous. Wouldn't even let me have a short snort of Irish. Just one great whacking long needle, which accidentally came out the bottom of my left shoulder blade so he had to pull it back just a bit.

Aatman Joshipura

Thanks for information. And yes, there are lots of misinformation shared by too many people about it. Hope they read it.

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